Glass 1/2 Full

M-W? Posted on 17 Mar 19:37 , 54 comments

Well that didn't take long to miss a few days of blogging.  I don't have a ton to say, so I suppose it's not anyones loss (is anyone reading this?).  That would be pretty cool.  

So after about 10 days of consistent execution of Murphy's Law, things are finally back to making some progress.  Our forklift is back up and we can actually function again and we are almost ready for the busy season again.  I'm excited for the first time in my 5-year business I'm getting ready to go on the road and meet new customers.  I'm excited.  I want to make sure the warehouse is running as smoothly as possible first, though we are close.  I hope this summer is a fun one!

Stress vs. Settling Posted on 10 Mar 10:52 , 53 comments

Sometimes I wonder if the stresses of continued ambition is worth the effort.  At times in life is it okay to call good, good enough?  I don't really think so, though it does provide for compelling thought.

I once read that if you're not winning then you're losing.  It may have been slightly different words, though close.  I think learning to deal with stress and ambitiously try to remove stressful situations is better than settling.

So here's to doing that and winning.  Please leave stressful situations. :)

Tortoise Posted on 9 Mar 06:30 , 52 comments

Sometimes I wonder why things don't move faster.  I try to accomplish certain goals and they seem like zero progress is being made.  In today's world instant gratification seems like it's expected..... I decided to look back at the first piece of equipment I bought was.  In 2011 it was the honeymoon stage of starting the business and I thought this was the best piece of equipment ever.  Looking back I'm not sure how I did what I did with that conveyor drier, though it puts things in perspective.  While I think many wish things would move faster and sometimes results seem lackadaisical, maybe if a larger timeframe is considered the results would seem more impressive. Posted on 8 Mar 19:30 , 8 comments

It's funny that when I started Custom Stems in 2011 I thought stemless glasses were a silly fad.  While I still don't like them as my glass of choice to use, I like that soo many other people do like them.  We sell a lot of them and a while back I thought it was ironic that Custom Stems sells stemless I bought  A lesson I've begun to better understand is that in the world of retail - my opinion is meaningless - in fact sometimes detrimental.  Cheers.


Blog blog blog Posted on 7 Mar 16:49 , 6 comments

I listened to something today that said I should have 1 blog post per day.  The reasoning was that the more intentional thought put toward something and putting it out there breeds creativity, or something like that.  As with many new goals or ideas it will probably cease quickly, though I like the idea of keeping ideas flowing so I'll try it.  Also, I spent more time today on my website than in the last 4 years.  So productive day.  Here's to more.